Why Should Your Dog Have a Proper Bed?

A bed gives your dog private space and a sense of security. The comfort of a good dog bed will make your own bed and expensive furniture much less tempting. In addition, the spread of hair and dander is controlled, being centered in one personal location. However, the primary reason for a bed is sleep, and dogs sleep a whole lot more than you do. We try to get 8 hours a night; dogs sleep an average of 13 hours during the day and night. Because more than half of their living hours are spent sleeping, a bed is indispensable to the overall health of your canine friend. It is important that your dog have a proper bed.

PawPedic_innerspringThe health benefits of dog beds.

For dogs that are overweight, or very muscular and heavy, Paw Pedic large dog beds, or even extra large dog beds, comfortably accommodate the dogs’ size and weight, preventing severe and damaging bone pressure on vulnerable points like elbows, knees, faces and feet. Unless injured, most dogs under seven years of age do not have significant health problems, but a soft, proper bed in the dog’s early years provide protection from the pressure and cold that makes bones frail later on. Because they grow quicker, age quicker and are a whole lot more active than human beings, dog beds are considered a preventive health measure. Imagine, at a mere seven years a dog is considered middle-aged or senior, depending upon the breed, and is developing similar issues with his/her health. In old age, a well-made orthopedic dog bed, like Paw Pedic, provides general comfort and pain relief from joint problems, loss of bone and muscle mass and arthritis.

Benefits of Paw Pedic

All Paw Pedic models are inner-spring orthopedic dog beds that redistribute pressure and balance body weight. Low quality beds break down within months, offering no long-term benefit. With Paw Pedic, your investment is returned every year with the comfortable, happy life of your loving dog. We guide you in the selection of the size bed that perfectly matches the weight and shape of your dog. Think of our dog beds as providing similar advantages an excellent bed provides you, as the dog owner. Paw Pedic mattresses provide the comfort and health benefits found in the innerspring mattresses many of their owners sleep on. Our mattresses are constructed not only to be a luxurious experience for dogs, but to improve circulation and displace excessive heat as well. They are backed by our 3-year limited warranty.

A Bit of Advice on Location

A bed is the first step to protect your dog from cold and sniffles, and should likewise be situated in a place free from drafts. At the same time, don’t forget when placing your dog bed that a good dog wants to be close to you, as its owner, and also enjoys being around the main activities of the house. We wish you a happy and healthy Paw Pedic dog!

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