About Us

When it comes to providing sleeping comfort, we’re the experts. Paw Pedic Pet Beds is a division of Handcraft Mattress Company, which has been designing and engineering custom-made mattress solutions for marine and recreational vehicle owners for nearly 25 years. Handcraft Mattresses provide the same level of comfort and durability found in high-end mattresses for the home.

Now, we’re bringing this same level of quality construction and engineering to your pet. All of our Paw Pedic Pet Beds feature deluxe, inner-spring core construction, high-loft fiber and a thick layer of high-density foam along the perimeter. Every mattress is made with a thick layer of corrugated high-density foam, which helps circulation and displaces heat. And, we cover each bed with a soft, luxurious circular knit fabric for an added level of comfort.

We also offer a variety of stylish fabric bed covers, so your Paw Pedic Pet Bed will blend into any room or environment.

Paw Pedic Pet Beds are engineered and designed to provide an uncompromising level of support, which is especially beneficial for older pets or those with arthritis. And, unlike those cheaper foam pet bed mattresses that often have to be replaced after a few months, our mattresses are designed for years of continuous use. They are backed by our 3-year limited warranty.

Doesn’t your pet deserve the same kind of sleeping comfort as you? With a Paw Pedic Pet Bed, your pet will never want to curl up anywhere else.