5 Tips To Keep Your Dog On Their Bed & Off Your Bed

Your dog wants to go everywhere you go: including between your pillow and the crisp, clean sheets. While loving and companionable, if your dog is making your bed unsanitary, or guarding it against your significant other, it’s time to set boundaries. These five tips will help keep the dog off your bed, and in his or her own.

bedroom makeover with Sheex sheets dog sleeping on the bedTip #1: Be Consistent

Dogs love to please and are therefore easily trained, but inconsistent commands are confusing to them. If you allow her up “just this once,” during training, she won’t understand the next time you chide her off your bed, uninvited. If training is inconsistent, the bad habit will be more difficult to break. Remember, she likes it up there as much as you do.

Tip #2: Place Train Your Dog

If you don’t yet have a pet bed for the dog, you can still start training by using a folded blanket or mat. The idea in place training is to teach your pet to lie down in specific areas, not your bed. Here’s how, according to Vet Street:

While your dog is watching, place a mat on the floor. If he shows any interest in the mat, reward with a treat. Next, try to get the dog to lie down on the mat. Never sit on it yourself. Always use immediate, positive encouragement when he obeys. Once your pet understands that lying down on the mat pleases you, associate a single-word command, pronouncing it just before he gets onto the mat. Later, gradually elongate his stay, before providing the next treat.

paw-pedic-dog-bedTip #3: Have a Good Dog Bed

Without her own bed, your dog will learn to lie down on command, but may still seek your bed for comfort. This is when a good dog mattress becomes indispensable. If you trained her using a mat, instead of a dog bed, simply use the same command word with her luxurious Paw Pedic bed to re-train.

Tip #4: Use the “Off” Command

Remember, like humans, dogs learn at their own pace and need daily consistency and positivity. Try not to physically force the dog off your bed. Instead, teach him the “off” command:

Using a treat in front of his nose, elevate it gradually to your bed and say, “On.” When he climbs onto the bed, give no treat. Move the same treat slowly back towards the floor and say, “Off.” When he climbs down, reward him with the treat. Work with this daily until the command has been fixed.

Tip #5: Don’t Sleep Too Far Away

Still, it’s going to happen: Your dog will bat those big, beautiful eyes and look longingly at your bed. Don’t give in. If your dog is lonely, she can be place trained to sleep at the foot of your bed, at least initially.

Remember, a well-trained dog is worth it. Your dog will soon be happier pleasing you over herself. She is inherently loyal. She can do it, and so can you. You’ll be happier with a fur-free bed and your significant other will be allowed to sneak back, peacefully.

*A 2012 report, “Emerging Infectious Diseases,” by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, warns that, although uncommon, there are fatal risks associated with pet co-sleeping, especially for children and those with compromised immune systems.

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