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Vet RecommendedGreat for Arthritic DogsExceptional Quality3 Year Limited Warranty

We make high-quality, deluxe inner-spring pet beds that offer the same kind of comfort and health benefits found in the mattresses many of their owners sleep on. They’re durable, plus come in a variety of sizes and styles to fit any home. Best of all, Paw Pedic Pet Beds are affordable and Eco friendly. Unlike many pet beds that last for a short period of time, Paw Pedic Pet Beds are built to last. Each bed is backed by our 3 year limited warranty.

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The Paw Pedic Advantage

Great for Older or Arthritic Dogs:
  • Innerspring Pillow Top
  • Ultragel® Memory Foam
  • Superior Pressure Relief
  • Proper Support Benefits
  • Chew Resistant Materials
  • Custom Fabric Covers Available
  • Wide Range of Sizes: Small - Extra Large
  • Backed by our 3 Year Limited Warranty
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